Dear readers, the title above is to serve as a teaser as to what this week’s topic would be revolving about. No points if you guessed technology or jobs(DUH), but why don’t you stretch those brain muscles for a bit and give a wild guess as to what the specific topic in relation to technology and jobs would really be about?


If your guess was…


1) How to start your very own carnival fun fair with monkeys as the main attraction (then you are way wrong)


2) The various ways to get to monkeys to do the tango?   

 (erm, its a bit rusty up there in that brain of yours isnt it?)


3) How does technology in the new millennium influence the jobs involved with formal education of the masses.

(Right on, you deserve to get yourself a big plate of nasi kandar for your efforts)


            Education, cannot be denied as being one of the main pillars or foundation of any civilization or society. It basically teaches members of society how to run things in an organized and systematic manner, how to conduct themselves in a proper manner in accordance with laws, standards and rules set by the previous generation.

            When looking at the relationship between technology and jobs and education, we will be looking at it in the form of formal education, which involves educational institutions such as schools, tuition centres and universities and not the form of informal education which focuses on aspects like traditional practices passed down by elders.

            Formal education is taught in educational institutions. In these institutions, the authorities which run it are entrusted with the responsibility of moulding its students holistically with academic knowledge taking priority. After the turn of the millennium and in keeping with the progress of multimedia technology like the internet, these institutions have adapted to the new technological climate by assimilating technology into the way their syllabus is run.



Wawasan Open University.

            A university in Malaysia which has utilised technology primarily in its teaching methods.


Technological attributes in the university. (Taken from their website

          Our Learning Management Systems (LMS) will enable you to use interactive features such as bulletin boards, video conferencing, and on-line discussion forums. These systems will guide you through all stages of your learning cycle, organise your course, and keep track of your records and progress.

          electronic communications – email, telephone, radio, audio and video facilities, and television – to support you in the learning process. This will add an interactive element to your learning process, which will be reinforced through a variety of practical and interactive exercises.

          digital library, where you can gain access to a large, organised repository of information at any time, night or day.


In light with all these features and services, the university needs not only its professors, tutors and counsellors to be a catalyst in their students quest for knowledge but important jobs have surfaced such as website administrator, content supervisor and technical jobs which are essential in allowing the whole system to run smoothly.


      How this affects the conventional jobs of professors, tutors and counsellors you may ask? Well, their work and research becomes more easier and is able to be transmitted faster and be more comprehensive with the assistance of the medium of technology.

       So until next time, ciao…the Deranged Preacher.






~ by blueandwhitecollars on August 12, 2008.


  1. how far can we implement web-based learning?there might be abuse in this process

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